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Terms and Conditions

Splash-Happy Swimschool


Terms and conditions



Bookings may be made via our website  We can also take enquiries by phone and email.

Lessons are booked in blocks of multiple weeks ranging from 5 to 9 weeks.

The dates of the lessons you are booking appear on the confirmation and bill.

It is important at the time of your enquiry/booking that you provide information relevant to your child’s swimming ability, experience and any medical condition or special need that may need to be considered when matching him to the most suitable class.

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to keep the Swimschool updated with any changes in contact information and Medical information.


Data protection

Data will be collected at the point of booking to assess the learner’s needs and to find the most appropriate class for them.  Contact information will be collected for the purpose of communicating information regarding your child’s swimming lessons and billing.

All data will be stored securely and only used for the purpose it is collected.  No information will be shared with 3rd parties for marketing purposes.

A declaration form will be required at each lesson your child attends.  The data contained on the form may be shared upon request with NHS test and trace service.


Splash-Happy Swimschool only collects data that is required to provide swimming lessons and we do not share data with outside organisations, other than those required by law.



Payment should be made at the time of booking and in full (pro rata) for the term.

During the final 2 weeks of the term you will sent a reminder for the next term’s fees.  If we do not receive payment before your final lesson you will automatically be removed from the register.

Swimmers will not be allowed to swim if they are not on the teachers register.

Splash-Happy Swimschool will not issue a credit or refund for lessons missed due to holidays and illness*.  We will not offer ‘top up’ lessons.

Payment can be made by bank transfer, debit or credit card, and cash (Cash payments will not be accepted during the COVID 19 restrictions).

Credit’s may be issued for lessons missed following a positive test for coronavirus or if the swimmer has been instructed to isolate by the NHS Track and trace.




The lessons are usually 30 or 60 minutes long.

During the COVID 19 restrictions lessons will be 25 or 55 minutes to allow for sanitising as guided by the authorities and governing bodies.

The class size is usually up to 8 learners.

In some activities, and on the odd occasion, there may be more learners grouped together.

In classes where there are very young learners or very inexperienced learners the class size may be smaller than 8, and where there are more than 4 learners there will be an additional teacher or an assistant to offer additional support.

Teachers of our most inexperienced learners teach alongside assistants from within the pool and will give learners physical support where appropriate and in the best interests of safety. During the COVID 19 restrictions teachers and Assistants will teach from poolside as detailed in the guidance

Flotation aids such as woggles, arm discs, floats, etc may be used.

Toys, songs and games will be included in some lessons to aid learning. 

The STA award scheme forms the basis of the lessons. On the successful completion of an award you will be notified using email or SMS text messaging.

To celebrate the learners achievement certificates will be available to purchase.

Learners will be regularly assessed and when appropriate recommended for a higher level class. Whilst we aim to move a learner within their time slot it may be necessary to consider a change of time to achieve the most appropriate level class.

Teachers are only responsible for the learners during the lesson. Before and following the lesson the learner is the responsibility of the parent. During the current Covid-19 restrictions, the learner will remain the responsibility of the Splash-Happy staff whilst in the pool building.

Splash-Happy Swimschool reserve the right to replace teachers at any time. Should this occur refunds will not be given.


In the event of an instructor being absent, we will endeavour to find a replacement, if a replacement cannot be found we may place two classes of similar ability together without notice.




Absences are disruptive to your child’s swimming development and should be avoided where possible. Try to book holidays avoiding swimming term times.

Please do not bring your child to the pool if he/she is ill.

Should your child or a member of your household show any signs or symptoms of coronavirus or has tested positive for coronavirus you must not visit the pool. Follow the guidance and self-isolate for the specified period.

Swimming attire/kit

Learners should wear tight fitting lycra swimming shorts or costumes. Swimming skirts and board shorts are not permitted. Bikinis are not recommended as these can prevent the wearer participating in all activities.


Pool shoes – these should only be worn at the pool and should never be worn outside to avoid bringing bacteria into the pool.

Swimming hat – optional.

Goggles – optional –On occasion learners will be asked to swim without goggles.  Learners should be able to fit goggles unaided during the Covid 19 restrictions or leave their goggles off.

The following items are recommended during the COVID 19 restrictions:

Changing robes/poncho

Towelling turbans or small towel for drying hair or wrapping around head

Wet bag – plastic bag to put wet swimming shorts or costume in.

Changing facilities

No mobile phones, tablets or electronic devices are allowed in this area. They should be left outside of the changing room.

No outdoor shoes to be worn.

The changing facilities are very basic and very small at both our venues with group changing only.

As most school age children are able to undress and dress themselves they should be encouraged to do so in their own gender changing room.

A maximum of one parent/carer/helper should accompany a learner in the changing area should the learner need assistance.

Please spend as little time in the changing area as possible.

Property should be carried on to poolside and not left in the changing rooms unattended.

Splash-Happy Swimschool do not accept liability for lost or stolen property.

The changing rooms will not be supervised and therefor the parent/guardian supervising the swimmer takes full responsibility.

Adults should only enter the changing room appropriate to their own gender.

Changing room users should behave in a respectful and courteous manner.

During the restrictions of COVID 19 Learners are advised to arrive at the pool ‘activity ready’.

It may be necessary for a parent to assist on. Follow the instructions given by the member of staff.

A face covering is required whilst in the pool building.

Changing rooms may be allocated in exceptional circumstances.

Use of changing rooms is at swimmers/users risk.

Poolside changing permitted with appropriate changing robe/poncho/covering to maintain decency.

Swimmers may leave the pool while wearing wet swimming attire with clothes over.



*Spectators may attend the lessons.

Where there is a viewing gallery available spectators will not be permitted on poolside but are welcome to enjoy the lessons from the gallery.

**Where no viewing gallery is available spectators will be able to view from poolside but space is limited.

At both our venues it can be extremely warm for spectators so please dress appropriately.  If you do feel unwell while spectating please alert a member of staff.

As the poolside is wet and slippery you are advised to bring poolside shoes such as flip flops or crocs to change into at the pool.

No outdoor shoes to be worn in the wet areas – Changing room, showers, toilets or poolside.

Spectators must refrain from distracting learners and teachers/supervisors during lessons.

*During the COVID 19 restrictions spectators will be required to maintain social distancing in the viewing gallery should this be open.

**Poolside spectators will not be permitted.  However, viewing from outside the building through the windows is permitted so long as social distancing can be maintained.


Mobile phones, tablets and electronic devices

No mobile phones, tablets and electronic devices are permitted at the pool. Should you be in possession of any of these devices please keep the stowed away in a pocket or bag.

Should you need to use a mobile phone, tablet or electronic device you must remove yourself from the venue.

Never take a mobile phone, tablet or electronic device into the changing area, toilets or showers.



Queries, compliments and complaints should be directed to either Hazel Lees or Gemma Yeandel. Please do not interrupt a class by distracting the teacher.

We would like to deal with your query, compliment or complaint in a timely fashion but on occasions we may not be available due to events at the pool.  The customer service assistant who greets you at the door will note your query, compliment or complaint in our communication book and Hazel and Gemma will then deal with this as soon as possible following the session.

Should you like to communicate with a specific teacher then please have this noted in the communication book.  Your query will be passed to the teacher concerned.

Alternatively you may email contact us via the website or telephone 0117 9314007.



Should you find the lessons are not suitable during the first few weeks of your booking we will offer you a refund of unused fees.

Cancellation may be made at the end of term.

Classes may be changed due to supply and demand. We will always endeavour to find a suitable alternative within the parameters of safety and availability; we will notify you in advance of any changes.

Should the pool be closed by the operator you will be notified by SMS text or email and a credit for the missed lesson applied which can then be used to offset future fees.  A message is usually put on Facebook so it may be worth ‘liking’ Splash-Happy and checking your contact details are up to date so you do not miss a notice.

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