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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



All participants and guardians should be familiar with our terms and conditions listed below.


1. Parents/Guardians must remain on on-site for the duration of the swimming lesson.
2. You must not enter the complex or pool area if a swimming teacher is not present
3. Swimmers should not swim if they have an open wound, any infectious disease, cough, cold, ear infection, head lice or stomach upset. Swimmers should not enter the water for 14 days following unexplained diarrhoea.
4. Babies and younger swimmers, who are not yet fully toilet trained, are required to wear a double nappy system i.e. swim nappy and a confinement nappy. Considerable disruption and cost is caused when classes have to be cancelled due to accidents. All swimmers should use the toilet before their swimming lesson.
5. No food or drink (except water in a non-glass container) is to be taken on poolside.

6. All jewellery (except wedding rings) should be removed prior to entering the water.
7. Long hair should be tied back or a swim cap worn
8. Spectators and swimmers when on-site should not run. Please note that no outdoor shoes are allowed in changing rooms or poolside. 
9. Splashtogether accepts no responsibility for accident or damage to any member, client, person, equipment or vehicle owned by anyone connected with these lessons whilst on the site. Valuables are also left at owner’s risk
10. Splashtogether take responsibility for swimmers during their lesson time in the water only. Splashtogether do not accept responsibility for swimmers if they leave the pool for any reason during their lesson, e.g. to visit the toilet.
11. Please note that Splashtogether do not accept any responsibility for the safety and well being of any adult or child spectators whilst they are on site.
12. Splashtogether reserve the right to change the teacher, day or time of your swimming lesson.

13. Abusive behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated, please be courteous at all times.

14. For new swimmers only - you have a 14 working day cooling off period from the date of your booking. However this withdrawal right shall no longer be exercised if the first lesson has been taken before the expiry of the cooling off period.

15. Cancelling your direct debit; We recognise that many people’s circumstances change. In such an event, should you wish to cancel your direct debit we ask that you notify us in writing. This needs to be done before the 14 days prior to the next collection date. in order to be effective. Where notification is not received 14 days prior, we reserve the right to collect any monies outstanding in the event of this agreement not being upheld.
16. All personal details provided to and kept by Splashtogether are for our administrative purposes only and will not be passed to any Third Parties. An individual’s personal details will remain on file for a maximum of 3 years after discontinuing association with Splashtogether, at which point they will be deleted.



Disclaimer for Parent and Child Sessions


As far as I am aware, I have disclosed to my Aquatics teacher all information regarding my health and my child’s health relevant to the practice of infant aquatics. 


I take full responsibility for all applications of infant aquatics I may practise outside the Splash Together classes both now and in the future. 


I accept that Splash Together,(using Birthlight Methods) does not take responsibility for any applications of its practices described in or shown in books and videos.   I understand that the recommendations, ideas and techniques expressed and described in Birthlight classes, as well as in books and videos endorsed by Birthlight, cannot be regarded as substitutes for the advice of qualified medical practitioners.   Any uses to which the recommendations, ideas and techniques are put are at my sole discretion and risk. 



Please speak to Splashtogether Staff if any problems occur.

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