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Terms and Conditions


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Terms and Conditions

Forever Swim (by Susan) - Copper Beeches Pool, Moorgate, S60 3BA


We ask you to agree to the following terms when joining our lessons. You are also agreeing to our privacy policy which can be read in conjunction with these terms. This tells you how we collect, share and store data and keep you up to date with services that we offer. This can be viewed on our Facebook page and website at any time.


  1. Lessons will run throughout the year with a fixed two-week break at Christmas/New Year.  It will be necessary to close at times when the teacher/owner is on holiday/sickness/other essential teacher absence and national bank holidays (England).  As much notice as possible will be given on those occasions and a credit for the missed lesson costs will be applied to your account.


  1. Lessons will be charged according to the number of lessons taking place during the month. Monthly invoices will be available to customers containing details of the lesson dates and charges.


  1. Cancellation notice can be given by the 15th of the month and must be in writing (this may be by email). Upon receipt of notice cancellation will be made on the 1st of the following month without obligation (for example; notice given between the 1st -15th of January, payment is due up to the 31st January. Notice given on the 16th – 31st January, payment is due for up to the 31st January and for the full month of February).


  1. Enrolments after January 1st, 2017 will be due to pay a deposit equal to 4 weeks fees. The swim school (Forever Swim by Susan) reserves the right in all instances to use the deposit against non payment of fees, including when incorrect notice is served upon exit of the swim school. The deposit will be returned upon exit of the programme or used for the last months payment whichever is deemed appropriate by the swim school in line with 2, 3 and 4 above.


  1. Non payment of classes on time will be deemed as exit of the programme and at the discretion of the swim school spaces can be filled with immediate effect.


  1. Cancellation can be made by the swim school without notice.


  1. Mid-month enrolments will be worked on a pro-rated basis upon joining for the first month.


  1. Payments are payable in advance on the last lesson day of the previous month if paying by cash or on the 1st of the month for bank transfers/standing order/direct debit. Cheques will not be accepted as a method of payment.


  1. Late payments will be subject to an administration fee of £5.00 per full 7 days overdue.


  1. Each lesson will be 30 minutes duration including entrance and exit to the pool. Approx. 25 minutes structured activities. In cases of emergency it may be necessary to vary the start/finish time and duration.


  1. In the unforeseen circumstance that the lesson is cancelled by the teacher the lesson will be fully refunded by way of a credit to the customer’s account. Unattended lessons cannot be refunded and are still chargeable.


  1. Please make the teacher aware (include in the online registration form) of all medical conditions that may affect the participant’s swimming. Advice can be given on any adaptations needed or if attendance is affected. Please be advised that if a child has sickness or diarrhoea, they will not be able to attend within 48 hours from the last occurrence.


  1. The lessons will always be supervised by a fully qualified swimming teacher with a Teachers Rescue Award for your safety. However, an adult must always be present with your child on the venue who remains the responsibility of the adult at all times. Please note changing rooms are not supervised by staff.


  1. Our lessons are often led with a teacher in the water to allow support for the child or carer. This may include moving or handling of the participants. By participating in the lessons, you are agreeing to this.


  1. The teacher will provide specific safety guidance and instruction during your lessons specific to the pool. In the absence of any proven negligence, lack of due diligence or breach of duty by the instructor(s) or employees, the participation of you, your spouse/partner, child or those in whose care you have placed your child for the purpose of attending or observing swimming sessions is done so entirely at your and their own risk.


  1. Please leave all prams/buggies outside; they will not be allowed in the changing areas as they may cause an obstruction or impede emergency evacuation. Outdoor shoes are not allowable poolside. Alternative poolside shoes can be worn. Covers will be provided.


  1. For safety please remove all jewellery prior to your lesson. All personal possessions are left on the premises at your own risk. Liability cannot be accepted for any loss or damage to personal possessions.  
  2. Please avoid eating within the half hour prior to the lesson, (1hr if a main meal).


  1. There is a large communal changing facility in the main building that is mixed gender changing room for children under 8 who must be supervised by an adult. We have 3 separate changing cubicles in the annex changing room. Both the main building and annex each have a separate shower which can also provide additional private changing for adults or children over 8.


  1. Eating and drinking (other than water) IS NOT PERMITTED on poolside or the changing areas for hygiene and safety reasons.


  1. To protect the interest of other parties, photography or video will not be allowable without prior consent.  We ask for this consent by a photography consent form and this consent can be withdrawn at any time. We support the ASA guidance in this area to meet child protection measures set out by them.  Please refer to We therefore ask that any spectators or participants do not take images including those on mobile phones without permission from Forever Swim . We understand that often parents want to capture moments of achievement but ask that these images should not include  other children. We treat mobile phones as photography equipment and whilst we do not ban these from our lessons we ask that they are not used in the changing rooms to adhere to child protection policies. Liability cannot be accepted for breaches of these terms by other parties.


  1. Copper Beeches is a private residence and as such access to the pool is through the gate and down the path in the rear garden. The garden and the home remain private and are not for public use. Children must be supervised at all times.


  1.  Prices are reviewed annually, with any increases taking effect from 1st January. Prices may be reviewed at other times under exceptional circumstances.


  1. COVID-19 Customers must adhere to the most current Forever Swim by Susan Covid procedures issued separately. These are reviewed regularly.


  1. These terms and conditions may be updated or changed if necessary.

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Last reviewed 01.12.2021


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